For the $359 you get:
• 1.5 hours of shooting time, indoor or outdoor on location (Artesia, Roswell, or Carlsbad)
• 3 outfits (plus a sports themed outfit if your child plays sports or cheerleading)
• 8 edited photos (both full resolution for prints and web sized photos)
• 1 (separate from the above 6) edited photo for the yearbook
• Photographer's Release Form (you can take the 8 photo files and get prints from anywhere)

For the $529 you get:
• up to 2.5 hours shooting time
• unlimited outfits (as much as you can fit in the alotted time)
• 12 edited photos (as above)
• 1 edited photo for the yearbook
• DVD disc of ALL unedited photos taken at the shoot
• Photographer's Release Form


Depending on what exactly you are wanting, the pricing will depend on the job. Factors include
how many looks (outfits), indoor/outdoor, travel, complexity (lighting set ups, etc) and a host of
other things. I try to make my prices reasonable and something we agree on before shooting.


What do I wear to the shoot?
- I'm not really picky at all. I think some with jeans, shorts, skirt/dress and some maybe a little more dressy. Then some that are casual and also some that are edgy. It's really up to you. These are just general guidelines and you are free to bring/wear whatever. Also you are more than welcome to bring some props!

Where are we going to shoot?
- We shoot anywhere and everywhere. I like the more industrial look...old warehouses and such. But we may stop at a spot, take a few photos, and move on to the next. Also, I like bright colors. I think they can make great contrasting backgrounds.

Why did Jane/John Doe get more pictures than me?
- There could be a number of reasons. I get this question asked a lot. One reason is because I've done more than one shoot with this person. Another reason is because maybe they brought more outfits and have more, different looks. I like editing photos that are different from each other. Yet another reason is because...the person just might be a great model and more photogenic. More of their photos just come out better. I'm also a firm believer in QUALITY over QUANTITY.

How many pictures do you take per shoot?
- I can take from 100 to 1000. Does that mean you're getting that many? No. I usually take 3 frames of one pose, sometimes more. This allows me to get a good shot if the subject is blinking, the wind is blowing your hair, etc. I don't have film to waste and don't charge per picture taken, so I'd rather take more than enough pictures than not enough.

When I pick out the photos I want for prints, how long does it take to receive them?
- When I edit photos for print, I edit the full size versions. As of this writing, I am using a Nikon D3s or Nikon D800, so those files are pretty good size. Because of this, the files take substantially longer to edit than just a small digital file you would use for Facebook, etc.

What if it rains/snows/tornados/armageddon on the day or our shoot?
- then too bad, I take off with your money and ignore you! OK, I'm kidding. We just simply reschedule the shoot. Sometimes it can't be right away as I might have other shoot scheduled. I try to do it as early as possible, but just be patient and we'll get it done.

Do you do family pictures, baby pictures, weddings, me and my dog/etc?
- The short quick answer is No. I really prefer to shoot singles or even couples. I feel I can be more creative this way and since it is my hobby, I always want it to be fun. I am just not too interested in shooting groups. I can never get babies to pose and I just can't think of anything creative with you and your pet. can always ask me and I MIGHT say yes. But probably not.

What is TFCD?
- Time/Trade for CD. This is basically a free shoot. I would do your pictures for free and I send you edited ones (it's easier to send them online but I can put them on an actual CD if your prefer). I do this from time to time, but I feel I've added a lot of different work to my portfolio and you would have to be exceptionally stunning or have experience in modeling. PLEASE don't be offended if I decline your offer for TFCD.

You do more shoots with ___insert name here___ than with me! Why?!
- Just as you might have best friends, I too have best/favorite models. I enjoy photography and sometimes I just want to shoot for the sake of getting spectacular images. I'm lucky to work with people who enjoy modeling and are good at it and that's basically that.

I messaged you a week/month/year ago and you haven't replied...why?
- I'm sorry. I get notifications on my cell phone of new messages/comments/etc. Sometimes I check them on my phone but wait til I get home to reply. During that time, sometimes I forget to reply. Sometimes I am busy. You are free to message me again if you haven't heard back from me, and I should get back with you right away.

Why are you so expensive?
- I feel like I'm more than fair with my prices for the quality you get. I realize there are cheaper alternatives and you are more than welcome to use them. I'm only doing this because I love doing pictures. I'm not trying to be competitive.

Why are you so cheap?
- I feel the market in the area might not allow me to charge what I might like to charge at the moment. As I've said, I think I'm fair in my pricing. However, I may raise prices in the future and take on less work. Blame the economy. Or blame me. Everyone likes more money and less work!

Any makeup tips?
- I'm far from a professional makeup artist, but my general makeup tip is to go light on the makeup. You might say "I got a pimple the day of the shoot" or something. Don't go overboard on trying to conceal it. I am pretty handy with photo editing and can erase blemishes very very easily. I'd suggest if you aren't a makeup artist or don't have access to one, go easy on the makeup and get a more natural/fresh look.

How do I let you know what pictures I wanted edited/printed?
- When you receive the proofs CD, the picture files will have a series of letters and numbers. I only need the last 4 digits of that file name. It will read something like tn_DSC_1234 or tn_703_1234. Just give me the last 4 digits and I can take it from there!